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WoW Shadowlands Kel Thuzad, strat boss of Sanctum of Domination, raid 9.1 of Shadowlands

Blizzard is continuing its testing in the WoW Patch 9.1 Sanctum of Domination raid. Very recently, it was Kel'Thuzad, the penultimate boss before Sylvanas Windrunner, who had the honors of the PTR and was able to show what he was capable of against the players who had made the trip.

Everything about the encounter with Kel'thuzad is designed to recall the original encounter with the most famous lich in Warcraft history at Naxxramas, from the design of the arena to that of the combat itself. Kel'thuzad has very low health, each time he dies he will transition to Phase 2 for 45 seconds before returning to Phase 1. When the phylactery is destroyed in the third Phase 2, Kel'thuzad 'thuzad enters Phase 3 and tries to stop you one last time when he no longer has the immortality conferred by his phylactery.

The shameful Kel'Thuzad waits at the head of the stream of souls, where the Lich can draw power from an inexhaustible well. His innumerable intrigues and machinations have led to this final confrontation with which he plans to bring about the ultimate demise of mortal champions in the service of his true master.

This fight alternates between a phase 1 and a phase 2. After the last P2, Kel'Thuzad switches to phase 3.

Phase 1: Chains and Ice
Important: After each Phase 2, Kel'Thuzad gains Necrotic Empowerment (Heroic Mode only) which increases the damage of Phase 2 creatures that are still alive in addition to making them immune to interruptions. In addition, he also benefits from Necrotic Surge which allows his Ice Wrath and Echo of Oblivion to target an additional player per new Phase 1.

Kel thuzad's strat in phase 2
Once Kel'Thuzad is reduced to 0% health, phase 2 begins. He begins casting Vengeful Destruction, Deadly Casting if you don't remove a third of the health points from the Remnant of Kel'Thuzad, which is in the phylactery, fairly quickly.
  •     Phase 2.1: From 100% to 60% health of Remnant of Kel'Thuzad
  •     Phase 2.2: From 60% to 20% of the health points of the Remnant of Kel'Thuzad
  •     Phase 2.3: 20% on death of Remnant of Kel'Thuzad

Phase 3: The Final Showdown
The final phase of the Kel'Thuzad fight begins when the Remnant has been fought three times and killed.

This is particularly the case of Max, the GM of Complexity Limit, who believes that Kel'Thuzad could be, in the worst case, in the top tier of the penultimate boss for 4-5 years.

This is obviously excellent news and it is to be hoped that Blizzard will offer a balancing act in order to leave a good impression on the players. However, the developers still have a bit of time, patch 9.1 is still under development.

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