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Trackmania,the 3v3 matchmaking is now available

We are excited to finally reveal Matchmaking 3V3. Completely new in a Trackmania game, this mode has been designed for players with a competitive spirit, as well as for those wishing to have fun with their friends. And it is completely available for FREE with Starter Access!

The mode allows you to start a 3v3 match on a random map, with a 30 second warm-up and a Bo5 victory. Several rules are also explained: in case of imbalance, only the best (s) of the opposing team get the points (eg, on a 2v3, only two of the team of 3). Finally, if you leave the game before the end of the game, you can come back until the race is over. Otherwise you lose double the points you should have lost.

This new mode is currently in beta, so there may be a few issues appearing and several changes being applied. The goal for Nadeo is to improve it over time. A plethora of features will arrive in the coming days, such as leaderboard icons, and the ability to invite friends to the party to take part in the match. Ranks as well as point gains are also subject to change in the future.

As in every competitive game, there are ranks assigned to players based on their performance. In Trackmania there are 11 different ranks:

    Unclassified at 0 points
    Beginner I at 1000 points
    Beginner II at 1250 points
    Beginner III at 1500 points
    Challenger I at 2000 points
    Challenger II at 2250 points
    Challenger III at 2,500 points
    Master I at 3000 points
    Master II at 3500 points
    Master III at 4000 points
    Trackmaster at 5,000 points

Trackmaster is equivalent to the top 10 for now, but it is likely to increase depending on the number of players reaching this milestone. Namely, the best player in the match will get bonus points. Note that the MVP can be part of the losing team.

Matchmaking system
According to the recent Trackmania post, this mode has been designed “for players with a competitive spirit”.

To top it all off, the mode will also be available for all those with Starter Access for free!

It is important to note that the mode is still in beta phase. As such, any issues that you notice should be reported on the forum, so that the devs can get to work on fixes.

How it works
This mode is a 3V3 race that takes place in a random map of the current campaign. There is a 30 second Warm-Up before to familiarize yourself with the map. Then the race starts. You have one lap to make the best time possible. Each competitor will bring points to their team according to their place on the run:

6 points for 1st, 5 points for 2nd, 4 points for 3rd and so on. At the end of the race, the team with the highest score wins the round. The 1st team to win 5 rounds is victorious!

If a player leaves a match before it ends for any reason, he can still come back before it is finished. However, if he does not come back, he will lose double the number of points he would have lost in case of defeat. If he left during the warm-up, he would lose the exact number of points he would have lost in case of defeat.

In the case that some players have left the game, the point system adapts to rebalance the game:

• As a reminder in case of 3v3, the points distribution is done as such (from 1st to 6th place): 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
• In case of: 2v3/2v2 = Only the two best players from each team scores points
• In case of: 1v3/1v2 = Only the best player from each team scores points
• In case of: 0v3/0v2/0v1 = The match is ended, and the remaining team’s player win the match.

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