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Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege is Soon on Track

Rainbow Six Siege has been taking bigger risks with its operators as of late, adding characters who are highly specialized or offer something that the game had not previously contained. So far, it has paid off, and it has fans excited about the potential of the new operatives heading into a crucial part of the game's Year 4 with more multiplayer shooters available each year, Ubisoft has had to keep up the pace to maintain Rainbow Six Siege's relevancy, and the new Rainbow Six Siege operators are a big factor in keeping the game healthy.
Ubisoft is expected to deliver its full Operation Phantom Sight unveiling on May 19, 2019, during the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals in Milan. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Rainbow Six Siege Boosting, you possibly can email us on our own page. Eager fans can tune into live broadcast via the Rainbow Six Twitch channel, scheduled for 11:25 AM ET (5:25 PM local time). Although yet to fully lift the veil Rainbow Six Siege's next Operators, early teasers align with previous leaks from March. "N?kk" and "Warden" are the slated stars of Operation Phantom Sight, one "invisible to cameras" by melding Caveira's and Vigil's abilities, while the latter rocks a "special eyesight" bypassing flash and smoke grenades. It's unclear how such gadgets could be implemented, although both carve new roles into the gameplay meta.

Ubisoft first teased Operation Phantom Sight's new Operators with a tweet (seen below) that showcased one sneaking up on the other. We now know the one doing the sneaking is Nkk, and the yellow glow in her hand is her HEL gadget. The image of the two Operators is structured like a yin-yang symbol, with Nkk shrouded in darkness and the other Operator looking towards the light. So perhaps, just as Nkk is someone who uses her glowing yellow gadget to hide in the shadows, the other Operator use his glowing blue gadget to bring attention to illuminate, if you will the position of Operators geared towards stealth.
Ubisoft is set to host the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals on May 19, home to its Year 4 Season 2 unveiling. Expect firmer details on the update in the days ahead, with regular teasers leading to the grand reveal. Firm details on Operator roles are yet to surface, though assets from February's Six Invitational provide an early glimpse at what to expect. The illusive Danish Operator is officially pitched as an "expert in covert reconnaissance and stealth tactics" with the "ability to blend and adapt into an environment." Reputable leaks have since surfaced for the upcoming duo "Nkk" and "Warden," detailing a stealthy Danish soldier and U.S. agent negating flash and smoke grenades. The first teaser might be short on details, though currently aligns with prior leaks.
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