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The UEFA eEURO 2021 qualifying group stage began on 15 March and runs to 26 April

UEFA eEURO 2021 is the second edition of a national-team efootball competition featuring all 55 UEFA national associations. The competition involves a qualification phase and a final tournament. Gamers compete exclusively on KONAMI's eFootball PES 2021 Season Update on Playstation 4.

All 55 UEFA member associations will take part in the qualifying phase for the eEURO 2021, which will determine the sixteen teams that will face each other on July 10 to win the title of European champion, the day before the final of the l 'UEFA EURO 2020, which will be played at Wembley Stadium.

The UEFA eEURO 2021 qualifying group stage began on 15 March and runs to 26 April. Every country plays two matches each (1-vs-1) against the other nations in their group; points from both matches will be added to the group table. The ten group winners qualify directly for the final tournament; the ten runners-up take part in a play-off tournament to determine the other six finalists.

“UEFA eEURO has given efootball fans the chance to dream of representing their country on the most important stage. All the competing teams will try to follow in the footsteps of Italy who won the inaugural tournament last year.”, said UEFA marketing director Guy-Laurent Epstein. “The first edition of UEFA eEURO was a real success, with over 15 million people watching the competition footage on different UEFA platforms. In recent years, the popularity of efootball has grown exponentially, and thanks to eEURO 2021. we will be able to connect and interact with new and old fans and enthusiasts from all over the world “.

What prize money is on offer?
A total of €100,000 in cash prizes will be split between all the finalists, including €40,000 for the winners.

Qualifying group stage

Group A
15/03: Spain 5-1 Finland
15/03: Ukraine 6-2 North Macedonia
15/03: Spain 7-1 Estonia
15/03: Finland 2-3 North Macedonia
15/03: Spain 6-4 Ukraine
15/03: Finland 6-3 Estonia
15/03: Spain 7-4 North Macedonia
15/03: Ukraine 6-1 Estonia
15/03: North Macedonia 4-4 Estonia
15/03: Ukraine 5-3 Finland
12/04: Finland vs Spain (17:00)
12/04: North Macedonia vs Ukraine (17:00)
12/04: Estonia vs Spain (18:00)
12/04: North Macedonia vs Finland (18:00)
12/04: Ukraine vs Spain (19:00)
12/04: Estonia vs Finland (19:00)
12/04: North Macedonia vs Spain (20:00)
12/04: Estonia vs Ukraine (20:00)
12/04: Estonia vs North Macedonia (21:00)
12/04: Finland vs Ukraine (21:00)

Group B
15/03: Germany 1-2 Kazakhstan
15/03: Bulgaria 0-7 Poland
15/03: Germany 8-0 Latvia
15/03: Kazakhstan 2-6 Poland
15/03: Germany 2-1 Bulgaria
15/03: Kazakhstan 10-1 Latvia
15/03: Germany 4-2 Poland
15/03: Bulgaria 3-4 Latvia
15/03: Poland 4-1 Latvia
15/03: Bulgaria 1-2 Kazakhstan
12/04: Kazakhstan vs Germany (17:00)
12/04: Poland vs Bulgaria (17:00)
12/04: Latvia vs Germany (18:00)
12/04: Poland vs Kazakhstan (18:00)
12/04: Bulgaria vs Germany (19:00)
12/04: Latvia vs Kazakhstan (19:00)
12/04: Poland vs Germany (20:00)
12/04: Latvia vs Bulgaria (20:00)
12/04: Latvia vs Poland (21:00)
12/04: Kazakhstan vs Bulgaria (21:00)

Group C
15/03: Croatia 5-1 Turkey
15/03: Sweden 9-4 San Marino
15/03: Croatia 2-4 Cyprus
15/03: Turkey 5-1 San Marino
15/03: Croatia 4-2 Sweden
15/03: Turkey 5-0 Cyprus
15/03: Croatia 6-2 San Marino
15/03: Sweden 3-4 Cyprus
15/03: San Marino 2-5 Cyprus
15/03: Sweden 3-5 Turkey
12/04: Cyprus vs San Marino (17:00)
12/04: Turkey vs Sweden (17:00)
12/04: Cyprus vs Croatia (18:00)
12/04: San Marino vs Turkey (18:00)
12/04: Sweden vs Croatia (19:00)
12/04: Cyprus vs Turkey (19:00)
12/04: San Marino vs Croatia (20:00)
12/04: Cyprus vs Sweden (20:00)
12/04: Turkey vs Croatia (21:00)
12/04: San Marino vs Sweden (21:00)

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