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Player makes boring quests in WoW Classic pretty blatant comics

A fan shares his experiences leveling in WoW Classic with the community, but in an unusual way. He paints rather freaky comics from the quests he does.

Who is the artist? The name of the comic artist is Vlad "Valdihr" Harabagiu and he comes from Romania. Although he is a big fan of Warcraft, he plays World of Warcraft only since Cataclysm, with which the world has been completely redesigned (via polygon).

For Valdihr this is the first time he has been able to experience WoW Classic in this form, and the quests will all be new to him, giving his comics a certain, unique style.

The role models are not always particularly well-known or special quests. Valdihr has also signed one of the first quests ever, receiving Horde players and especially Orcs and Trolls in the Valley of Honor: Sarkoth, where they are supposed to kill a scorpion.

However, Valdihr also devotes some famous quests and dungeons, where he probably runs this by chance and just done it.

On board are the meme quest series about Mankrik's wife and dungeons like Shadowfang Castle and the Caves of Wailing.

Good response from players
This is how the comics arrive: Valdihr regularly posts his works on reddit and Twitter. He may level more slowly than others, but enjoys it and also manages to get the community involved.

The comics are very popular on reddit. In both the subreddits to WoW Classic and World of Warcraft, the drawings sometimes receive over 5,000 upvotes. Many players even say that Blizzard should hire him as an artist.

Surprisingly, long quest series such as the Onyxia Prequest will be particularly exciting. This alone could create a whole band.

Even after an animated version was asked more frequently, which, however, according to Valdihr will not come first. For sure, the content flow of comics will be preserved, because the journey at level 60 will take long enough in this way.

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