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MapleStory M Skills and Guides of Bishop, Bow Master, Night Lord, Corsair and Mu Lung Dojo

MapleStory M has a total of six playable classes when you start the game: Dark Night, Night Lord, Bow Master, Corsair, and Bishop. While all of these classes are capable of dealing out some serious damage. If you have ever played the PC version of MapleStory, you will likely be familiar with most of the skills that each class uses, however some things about each class are not entirely the same. Please note that the following descriptions are based on personal experience with the current state of the classes and may vary with your own experience.
Mu Lung Dojo Guide
Mu Lung Dojo is one of the dungeons in MapleStory M where you can obtain some items that may be useful for you. There's one with the huge pig monster in round 40 or 41 which is sort of like the section most players struggle to clear. It's a place where you get to fight all of the bosses in this game continuously until your character dies or you defeat all rounds.
The Dungeons in MapleStory M

Which is the Best Jewels To Use
Jewels are quite useful in MapleStory M as it provides additional stats to your character. Some are flat value while some are just percentages. Buy Maplestory M Mesos at, fast to boost your MapleStory M gameplay and get ready to smash some Slimes. Which jewel gives the best DPS depends on your overall attack. If you have ranks jewels, it's much higher than that. As for phy damage jewels, they are only good if your attack is already very high, and that requires at least a high level mythic weapon.
Bishop Skills Build Guide
Bishops are our casters, healers, and buffers. They can't take much of a beating, but their arsenal of elemental spells and enchantments makes them a great addition to any party. Skilled Magicians who control crazy powerful explosive spells. Studious Magicians who spend their whole lives with their noses buried in a book.
Bow Master Skills Build Guide
As they grow and gain access to new skills, Archers become even more versatile on the battlefield, able to pick off enemies one by one or lay down suppressive fire on larger groups. Masters of the bow and arrow who deliver powerful attacks from afar. Nobody shoots like an Archer.
Night Lord Skills Build Guide: They may not be able to take as much damage as some of their friends but they sure can dish out. Assassins by heart, Night Lords rely on their quick maneuvering and higher chance to land critical attacks. Mysterious Explorers who are as agile as they are edgy. These sneaky Explorers launch surprise attacks on their enemies, then disappear into the shadows without a trace.
Corsair Skills Build Guide: With their explosive firearms and cunning skills, these Exploers rain destruction on their foes from afar. Command your crew to fight for you. Corsairs summon NPCs. Fight from afar with your trusty gun. Our site is the most secure place to Buy Maplestory M Trading instead of grinding your way through the game. Thrill seekers who sail the rough seas in search of adventure.
Long-term fans of MapleStory are definitely familiar with the Cygnus Knights as they were released on PC many years ago, and are also already on the Korean version of this mobile game. It's the Korean version of MapleStory M so you can get a glimpse of what global's release would be like. Besides, if MapleStory M global follows the PC version, the Explorer classes will become even stronger much later in the game when other classes have been introduced.
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