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Many smaller features of NHL 15 have been omitted from the Xbox One and PS

While EA’s ice hockey franchise skipped the new generation last year, NHL 15 lands on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in a big way. With improved physics, better looking arenas that are modelled on actual NHL rinks, more lively and reactive crowds, and a string of other improvements, NHL 15 is the most authentic ice hockey video game experience. But all these shiny new-gen bells and whistles come at a price, one that’s paid with cut content. Live the Life mode, GM Connected, the ability to play online against your friends with your own NHL 15 Ultimate Team, and many other smaller features of NHL 15 have all been omitted from the Xbox One and PlayStation version - though available on old-gen systems for some reason. The only explanation for this I can think of is EA Canada spent too much time perfecting the game’s “dynamic cloth” technology, and simply ran out of time because of deadlines.
"There's pluses and minuses to it," Nill said. "It was very exciting. I think there is some merit there. That's the plus side, the excitement of it. There is some downside: Is it more taxing on the star players who are going to play more? That's what we have to figure out. There are some concerns, but it's something we definitely need to have some healthy discussion on." The GMs also plan to discuss expanding video review to include goals scored on plays that may have involved interference with the goaltender. This topic has been discussed in previous meetings, but there has been resistance to expanding the scenarios in which a goal can be reviewed.
During a recent NHL 15 press event, featuring a motion capture demo performed by Max Pacioretty from the Montreal Canadiens and Morgan Reilly from the Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL 15 producer Sean Ramjagsingh explained why many of NHL 14’s popular features didn’t make it into NHL 15. “It’s mostly time and then with development on new platforms you always encounter new hurdles you didn’t plan for (technical hurdles), and it takes more time and resources to kind of overcome those. The team pushed hard until just a few weeks ago when we made the final announcement that OTP wasn’t going to be in there for launch. The reason why we didn’t talk about it before was we were still pushing and trying to get it in for launch. We’re 100 per cent commited to bringing back the EA Sports Hockey League as well and we understand the importance of the mode and understand our fans love it. We have the foundation now to bring back the EA Sports Hockey league bigger and better than we ever did in the past. The gameplay and presentation now are there,” said Ramjagsingh.

For the most part, this tip will only help you earn a couple hundred extra Pucks at a time, but over the course of a month or even a year, this will substantially increase your earning potential. You know all those low value players that can be sold for 306 or even 613 Pucks? Well, often times those players can be auctioned off for significantly more on the open market. Wwould have. However, if the last price sold for that player is higher, consider hile it is fast and easy to simply quick-sell them and be done with it, you might consider putting them up for bid. Take a player that you could quick-sell for 306 pucks and put the starting price at 350 NHL pucks. This means that no matter what, as long as you sell him you'll make more than you otherwise setting a starting price that is more in line with their market value.
Having to “charge up” each pass' power by holding down the right trigger for a second or two beforehand is another poor gameplay mechanic that continues to hurt the fun factor of EA's NHL games. With a fast-paced sport like hockey, where passing lanes are constantly opening and closing all across the ice, a pass' strength should simply be determined by how hard the trigger is pressed, not how long it's held down. Players could lightly tap the trigger for a drop pass, apply medium pressure for an easy slider, or squeeze the trigger firmly for a hard saucer. This would eliminate the frustration of being stuck with a full-power pass if a lane closes down before you can complete the required "power charge" in time; it would also free up the left bumper for another command, since it's currently being used to cancel "fully loaded" passes. Audio-wise, EA Canada’s latest does a decent job of replicating the NHL experience. You’ll hear roaring crowds and the same great sound effects that you’ve become accustomed to from this franchise, on top of a good licensed soundtrack that kicks in during timeouts and after goals are scored. What you will not here, though, are chants. Not once did I hear, “Go Leafs Go!” or anything else like it, which took away from my experience and will likely affect yours.
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