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FIFA World may not be the final representation of Ultimate Team as a free-to-play game

EA has announced that its free to play soccer game FIFA World will be entering global open-beta beginning today. The PC game has been available to players in Russia and Brazil since August and November of last year, respectively. The global version will support nine languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Turkish, according to EA.

First of all, its not a bad game.Since its a game about football its going to have a lot of players around the world. The game have a big potential and can be a major game in the new "e-sports" game market. Since there is a lot of players from around the world for you to buy for you team and also a lot of items, its a huge game and it will take long before you think it is boring. Just my opinion for sure, but i do really see a lot of potential for this game.

FIFA World is authentic, with over 16,000 real players from 600 real clubs and 31 fully licensed leagues.  This summer all eyes will be on Brazil and you can lead your nation to victory in FIFA World with over 45 national teams to choose from. There are three control options to choose from – traditional keyboard and gamepad controls for experienced FIFA and PC gamers are complimented by new, simple to use, mouse based controls which offer first time FIFA players an easy way to play.

Events from the real world of football drive live content in FIFA World. New tournaments, limited time accomplishments, special versions of players, promotions and happy hours – there is something new in FIFA World almost every day.

FIFA World may not be the final representation of Ultimate Team as a free-to-play game, then, and it's not quite ready to replace FIFA 14 Ultimate Team as the FIFA fan's preferred vintage due to its slightly ageing gameplay, but it is an entertaining proof-of-concept and a hint of the series' future beyond annual discs.

FIFA World players have some great news this week, as EA has just sent out a massive update for the game. We now have the FIFA World 9.0 patch notes to bring you, including some early reports that FIFA World crashing problems may be happening after installing the update. FIFA World for PC is the free-to-play game that is essentially a stripped down version of FIFA 13. It features Ultimate Team aspects too allowing you to gain rare player cards by opening packs, just like you would with the console versions of FIFA 15.

EA promised at Gamescom that a new FIFA World engine was coming and now we can see that it has gone live. Along with it are a vast list of other features in what is easily EA’s biggest update for the game so far.

Players can use their squads in online seasons, where players compete against other players and progress through a promotion and relegation system from Division 10 to Division 1, or in single-player seasons where players play against the game's licensed clubs controlled by the AI. Every week, a team compiled by EA Sports based on real-life player performances is released, where the players in this squad are represented as special black items with upgraded attributes. These are made available in packs for the rest of the week until a new "Team of the Week" is released.

Players can also customise their club's badges, kits, match balls and stadiums, extend their players' contracts, change their playing positions or temporarily improve their attributes using items acquired in packs or the live transfer market.

Gameplay: 9/10 (skill moves are fairly hard to pull off)
Graphics: 8/10, but amazing for a free game
Fun Factor: 10/10-- really fun to play
Potential: Really fun game that is still in BETA for God's sake. Also, they maintain their game with updates frequently and roster updates as soon as they are announced.
Overall: 10/10, can't wait for the final product (however, I would even be okay if this WAS the final product, it is an AMAZINGLY fun game)
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