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EA SPORTS FIFA World Ultimate Team is the closest thing to owning your own football club

FIFA World also plays a respectable game out on the pitch, although it does lag behind the most recent versions of FIFA in several key respects. Matches last around eight minutes and it's still a fast-paced game of zippy, inch-perfect passes that seesaws from end to end, taking in crunching tackles and an overabundance of simple one-two through-balls on the way, but it lacks FIFA 14's enhanced physicality and refinements to the controls. It isn't quite FIFA 13 either. I went back to that game on PlayStation 3 and was reminded of its huge emphasis on player pace, whereas FIFA World's crop of players feel a little more sluggish and lose the ball cheaply. Visually, too, it falls some way short of modern FIFA; perfectly acceptable to look at it but lacking any bells and whistles.

Similar to FIFA on mobile, the idea is to make the game accessible. You can play FIFA World using a more traditional controller or keyboard controls. To simplify things even further, FIFA World comes with presumably easy-to-learn mouse controls for casual players. That said, we don’t know if it’s fair for a person using these mouse controls to compete against someone using a console controller, or whether the game divides these people via matchmaking.  

In effect, this is FIFA as a service, and it looks almost MMO-like in its overall presentation. For instance, much of the game relies on an internet connection to formulate online leagues and player vs player matches. Plus, if you’re familiar with the Ultimate Team system then you’ll be right at home in FIFA World. EA’s football trading card game forms the backbone of this free-to-play offering - and by backbone, I mean money. EA is hoping that you’ll be buying plenty of card packs in an effort to improve your Ultimate Team, with which you can play online and single player games.

EA SPORTS FIFA World Ultimate Team is the closest thing to owning your own football club. Play to earn virtual coins and build your squad from the ground up. You call the shots on who gets to stay and who gets transferred. Choose Everton FC as your favourite club and we’ll start you off with one Everton player. FIFA World is authentic, with more than 12,000 real players, over 600 real clubs and 33 leagues, including the fully licensed Barclays Premier League and Everton FC.

To start, there’s FIFA World Ultimate Team, which lets you build your own club from the ground up and compete online and offline. A 24/7 transfer market gives you the opportunity to buy, sell and trade players. On top of that, you’re able to enter your team in single player tournaments to win trophies and rewards, with the latter boosting player performance. Then you’ll experience feature tournaments that challenge you to beat the world’s best. Do so, and you stand to earn valuable coins and packs. Can’t handle the pressure? You can always challenge friends for a more laid back experience. In addition, FIFA World also comes with League Mode. Here, you get to lead your favorite club to victory through Online Seasons while climbing the leaderboard.

Matches on FIFA World online are fluid and with almost no lag. Obviously, the graphics engine is a simplified version of FIFA 14, so even though it's quite good, don’t expect anything too exceptional. On the other hand, the sound effects are rather poor. Before you play, you have to be aware that FIFA World is not a state of the art game. Its aim is to show how much fun the Ultimate Team mode from FIFA can be. In fact, if you already have FIFA 14, it doesn’t really make sense to download FIFA World. If you don’t have it and are looking for a free and good quality football game, FIFA World is an excellent choice.
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