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Cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seeds

Bless Unleashed PC re-release is proving extremely popular

For gamers who do not know, Bless Unleashed is a Free to Play MMORPG game. A reboot of Bless Online that was first released in 2019, Bless Unleashed returns to the gaming community, improving many of the combat systems and fixing the technical shortcomings of its predecessor. These problems once plagued Bless Online and made it quickly a Dead Game.

Bless Unleashed’s PC re-release is proving extremely popular. Publisher Neowiz and developer Round8 Studio have today announced that in less than two weeks since its launch, the free-to-play MMORPG has already been downloaded a whopping one million times. Over on Steam, the game has seen over 75,000 concurrent players regularly, making it one of the client’s most played games.

The game recorded a 24-hour peak of 75,383 players and is currently the 11th most-played game on Steam just a hundred players behind Warframe.

The game is free-to-play, although Founder’s Packs can be purchased that provide a variety of benefits, items, and currencies. The details of each pack can be found below, and all packs are 10% off until August 21 in celebration of the game’s launch.

However, after its release, there were mixed reviews about this game, with some gamers calling Bless Unleashed a "Pay 2 Win" game. Meanwhile, others are enjoying the fast-paced battle and extreme graphics in the game without caring about the Pay 2 Win factor as mentioned above. The release time of Bless Unleashed on PC is also very interesting when today's extremely hot MMORPG games like New World or Final Fantasy XIV are storming, Bless Unleashed brings a breath of fresh air to gamers. Bless Unleashed can be a perfect choice for gamers who like to role-play in a fantasy world like New World but don't have the budget.

DELUXE – $19.99 (USD)

    Founder’s Pack Exclusive Title (Pyreborn)
    Card: Ironclad Rhino
    Card: Emote (Salute)
    500 Lumena
    50,000 Star Seed
    Premium Benefits (7 Days)

EXALTED – $39.99 (USD)

    Founder’s Pack Exclusive Title (Pyreborn)
    Card: Elven Hat / Card: Elven Outfit
    Card: Ironclad Rhino
    Card: Emote (Salute)
    2,300 Lumena
    100,000 Star Seed
    Premium Benefits (30 Days).
    Telepost Discount Ticket (30 Days)
    Basic Star Seed 20% Booster (30 Days)
    Bag Expansion Ticket ×5

ULTIMATE – $79.99 (USD)

    Premium Bless Pass
    Founder’s Pack Exclusive Title (Pyreborn)
    Card: Elven Hat / Card: Elven Outfit
    Elven Weapon Appearance Chest
    Card: Ironclad Rhino
    Card: Ivory Unicorn
    Card: Emote (Salute)
    Card: Emote (Love)
    6,000 Lumena
    300,000 Star Seed
    Premium Benefits (90 Days)
    Telepost Discount Ticket (30 Days)
    Basic Star Seed 20% Booster (30 Days)
    Advanced Star Seed 40% Booster (30 Days)
    Gold Boost Ticket (30 Days)
    Bag Expansion Ticket ×10
    Personal Storage Expansion Ticket ×5
    Account Storage Expansion Ticket ×5

So, were you excited to experience the Bless Unleashed adventure? Are you already playing? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments section!

There’s only one way to get Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed for free, and that is by visiting Z2U is a Star Seed Exchange NPC located in the city of Carcazor. By talking to her, you can trade your gold in exchange for a few Star Seeds. There’s a limit to how many seeds you can get in a day though. So if you need more than just a few seeds, you’ll have to scour the aftermarket for some. This is why we recommend that you purchase from our marketplace. With just a few bucks, you’ll be able to get tons of seeds that you can use to get out of sticky situations.To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds from our list of reputable sellers here at in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.
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