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Cheap WoW Classic TBC Gold

August seems like the perfect time to launch the WoW TBC Phase 2 drop

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic released earlier this year, and its initial content patch has been on live servers since early June. Classic players have been eagerly waiting for a new taste of content from Blizzard, and it finally appears as though the game’s next major patch is on the horizon.

Release date: Second phase at the end of August?
Phase 2 of “Burning Crusade Classic” has been online on the Public Test Realm since August 4th. There is no official release date yet. However, since a week has passed since the PTR was released, the community can definitely expect an August release.

Depending on the course of the test, the new content patch should either be released on August 24th or 31st. But not only the tests on the PTR server currently have an impact on the release plan:

The ongoing scandal about the corporate culture of Activision Blizzard has already caused unrest among employees, which could lead to delays. In addition, morale is understandably at a low point across the company – so a shift cannot be ruled out.

Outside of new content, we knew was coming such as the two new raids, the Ogri'la and the Sha'tari Skyguard reputations are live on the server with all their daily quests which players were not expecting until phase 3.

The official name of the new update will be Overlords of Outland and will likely require some kind of maintenance period.


    Slay the twisted Lady Vashj and her vicious fiends in her watery lair—Serpentshrine Cavern.
    Raid bosses: 6
    Level: 70
    Location: Coilfang Reservoir, Zangarmarsh


    Infiltrate the heart of a crystalline fortress to end the madness of the corrupted Kael’thas Sunstrider and his warped loyalists.
    Raid bosses: 4
    Level: 70
    Location:Tempest Keep, Netherstorm

While it resembles more of the version we saw 15 years ago, it was a much-needed feature that will help the community find groups outside of their own guilds and friends.

Lastly, guild banks are now in the game, and while there is not much to test here, it is a much-needed feature that is finally coming to the game.

If you are looking for normal groups, you first have to rummage through “wrong” groups for several minutes or automatically clean up using various add-ons.

What has been changed? A small but crucial detail. In the future it will no longer be possible to create groups for “Mythic +” and Shadowlands raids as long as the character is not level 60. Only those who have reached the maximum level in World of Warcraft can create groups in these categories in the future.

GUILD BANKS: Share raid and dungeons spoils amongst your guildmates with the Guild Bank! This in-game storage allows guild members to withdraw and deposit items and currency, making it easier to determine at glance what consumables you have available (or need to make!) for your next group activity.

It’s currently unclear whether Blizzard Entertainment’s widespread sexual assault lawsuit has had an impact on the development of TBC Classic’s second phase. Regardless, with the upcoming content currently available for testing, it should be assumed that Phase Two will still be on its way to live servers sometime soon.

You can visit to buy safe and cheap TBC Classic Gold after the server is opened and the character is created. This way you can change your mount as soon as you reach level 40 and 60 to save walking time. In addition, if you plan to master the newly added Jewelcrafting, the training process will consume a lot of materials. It is recommended that you Buy Classic TBC Gold in advance and purchase these resources when the price is lower, which not only saves money, but also improves skill levels more quickly.
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