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Cheap Archlord 2 Gold Fast delivery

Archlord 2 will allow you to purchase some pretty powerful gear

Archlord 2 is a PvP-focused MMORPG which pits two factions against each other in a struggle over the power to become an Archlord. Players can choose to side as either a Human or an Orc as a descendant of gods and may freely choose to level any combat role that suits their playstyle even after creating their character. Hardcore PvP: Archlord features massive PvP modes including Realm vs. Realm warfare. Four races/factions: The Humans of Aimhigh, the Realm of Light, the Orcs of Demolition and the Realm of Darkness. Each race has its own unique specialties, allowing players to decide which one is the best for their gaming style.
Being part of a guild will now be even more rewarding, as the new update focuses on the highly anticipated Guild Battles, a weekly confrontation pitting guilds of the same faction against one another to vie for domination over specific territories with precious benefits at stake. Archlord 2 is a F2P MMORPG based around gigantic PVP fights. The sequel to the now defunct Archlord and Archlord X, Webzen hopes to revitalize the franchise with its sequel. Massive PVP battles await you in this brutal, blood-spattered action MMORPG featuring amazing graphics and a fantastic soundtrack by award-winning composer Cris Velasco. Tanks are able to take the most damage, as well as dish it out. They use their higher defense to protect the rest of the group.  Humans use a sword and shield, while Orcs use lances and shields. Melee DPS use large, two-handed swords to cut their foes in half. They deal enormous damage and focus on having strong attack skills, in addition to higher health pools. The Ranged DPS attacks from a distance; Humans with crossbows and Orcs with bows. They are one of the more versatile archetypes, incorporating traps into their skill set to hinder their enemies while keeping them at a distance.

Being the spiritual successor to the original game, Archlord II is set in a parallel universe after the fall of the first Archlord and chronicles the never-ending conflict that tears apart the world of Chantra. The Archlord was an immortal champion of the gods, tasked with protecting their creation, but he was corrupted by his own power and immortality. Finally, he rose up against the gods themselves and became the “Lord of Chaos”. In order to restore balance, the gods created a new champion and a new guardian species to oppose the forces of evil. After many battles, the Lord of Chaos was finally defeated and cast into the Abyss. Even though the evil had been defeated and banished, the fight was not over. The gods slumbered in their palace, while the Lord of Chaos plotted and schemed in the depths of his infernal prison. Meanwhile, the Archlord and the new species the gods had created began to settle the world of Chantra and established their own unique civilization.
As in any MMORPG, the adventure starts with the creation of your avatar. And at this early stage, I must admit that I was a little disappointed with the opportunities of customization offered. Lets start with the races. Granted, this is the only the Open Beta, and Webzen confirmed that they would be introducing two other races in the future, but the fact that there is only one playable race per faction leaves quite the after-taste. Yes, if you want to play in the Azuni faction, you can only play as humans, and if you want to play in the Crunn faction, you can only play as orcs. In terms of appearance customization, lets say that Archlord II is decent. You get a good number of body types, as well as facial features like tattoos and scars. Unfortunately these will barely matter once you start equipping your armor, and as a result the characters will often look the same. 
The core gameplay set up a massive Realm v Realm combat based MMORPG where players are able to choose which of the 2 games factions they join, locked in their choice was their allegiance has been pledged. Each faction has a single unique race that fights for it, the Aimhigh Humans fighting for the Realm of Light and the Demolition Orcs fighting on the side of the Realm of Darkness. Each race has unique properties and traits associated to it, which gives a unique bonus to each of them and strategically changes gameplay for the player. Both factions currently only have a single race that is currently playable, however the developers will continue to add new races with future expansions. As for cash shop content, Archlord 2 will allow you to purchase some pretty powerful gear from it along with some really cool decorative content. The best part about these items is that they can be traded in-game so all players can get their hands on them through trades. Archlord 2 is an extremely well executed MMORPG.
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